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Mobile Locksmith

Mobile Locksmith

Get reliable mobile locksmith services from the experts we employ to serve you.

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Lockout Locksmith

Lockout Locksmith

Need car and house lockout services urgently? Contact our emergency locksmith company

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Locksmith Company

Locksmith Company

We become the threat of your problems! Call our company for fast locksmith service

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High quality Commercial Lock Repair provider

The cleverest tips and ideas to avoid lockouts once and for all. How to protect yourself from similar situations.

Get to know why electronic locks are much better for securing properties these days with our tips below. Discover the many other locking options as well, such as padlocks, deadbolts, lever handles, and know where they are fitted best in the home or business establishment.

What to do with lost or misplaced keys

Misplacing a key is something that happens to almost everyone. When this happens to you, all you have to do is have a locksmith do a key that will enable you to open your house. He knows how to go about it since he has the tools and skills to make keys. Consider changing your locks later for your security.

Getting that door open

There are times when you forget or lose your house keys and when you do, you experience a lock out. According to professionals at Locksmith Northridge, lock outs are ordinary scenarios that happen to almost anyone. The immediate remedy for lockout is to have a key made for your door. You can also change locks so you will be sure that you are secured and safe.

Looking after the lock pin tumbler

Do not spray any liquid product into the pin tumbler even if you think that it will help in lubrication. The worst is WD-40 which is in fact a water displacement agent. Teflon Powder will achieve great lubrication without gumming up the entire installation.

Re-key your lock if you lose the key

Have us re-key your locks in case your key is lost. It’s an open invitation to whoever finds it.

Use extra strong locks to protect sheds and outhouses

Most homeowners will keep the majority of their power tools and equipment in sheds, garages and outhouses. These tools can be targeted by criminals, as they can be used to gain access to more secure areas of your property. Having a reinforced padlock or other high level lock on your outer buildings will prevent them from employing this tactic.

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