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Mobile Locksmith

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Lockout Locksmith

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Locksmith Company

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Brilliant staff offering Lost Office Key services

We have the answers to simple or difficult questions related to all locks. Read more below. Learn more about expensive locks and whether they are the best, about the importance of strike plates and what to do when the business keys are misplaced.

Do you want to learn more about modern security solutions? Here you'll find answers to FAQ.

Why the most expensive locks are considered the “best” locks?

Like other product or service, the price tag is usually a quality indicator. This is especially true for locks. The simple deadbolt is cheap as the mechanism is easy. The more complicated the lock, the more expensive it would be. Products made with high quality materials would also cost higher to produce and in turn, consumers would have to shell out more money to get the appropriate security and quality.

My business keys are lost. Can they still be replaced?

Per the information provided by the experts at Locksmith Northridge, replacing business keys is possible. Reliable locksmiths are equipped with the appropriate knowledge, expertise, as well as technology in the working of any form of rekeys. No matter what the situation is, whether you lost your home or your business keys, you can always contact our technicians for more info.

Which doors are of the highest risk?

The front door is definitely considered a high risk entrance. Though, don't forget that most intruders prefer the darkest parts of houses and that's why back doors and garage doors are considered the highest risk entry points today according to our specialists in Northridge. Windows, which can be accessed easily, are also high risk points.

Why are strike plates important?

Strike plates hold the door lockset in place and make sure that the door locks are secured properly. Some strike plates are simple and cheaper but you need to replace them with solid steel ones, which have four holes for screws and the screws must be 3 inches long. This way, they can secure the door better.

Why are double cylinder bolts not allowed?

Double cylinder dead bolts ensure better security but they take more time to get unlocked. Consequently, it will take you longer to open the door in an emergency. In times of fire, for example, and when there are many people in one place, they might get trapped.

What do I do if I snap my key off on the lock?

The most important thing you need to do is to see whether or not you are able to remove the piece that is still inside the lock. It might seem impossible, but with a few choice tools it is likely that you can remove it. Afterward, it is simply a matter of crafting a duplicate.

If no lock guarantees perfect security, why invest in them?

Burglaries are avoided only when homeowners take a series of security measures and keep making improvements. Deadbolt installation ensures security as long as the other rules are followed, but locks require maintenance. Lock repair fixes damage and complications. It's not a question of having good locks but knowing how to effectively maintain them.

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